20-20-20 Rules: Most of the working people have to do the job on mobile or laptop till the clock. To complete the work quickly, people continue to work in a smartphone or laptop for a long time. Often the work pressure is that they do not have time to get up and sit and eat in the middle of the work. Apart from this, people spend time on mobile on social media, webseries, videos, etc. in free time. Excessive exposure to the screen causes eye problems. And from here there is a higher risk of Vision Syndrome problem.

According to ophthalmic experts in this regard, these problems are often caused by continuous work on the screen and lowering eyes, using contact lenses for a long time. Vision syndrome causes drainage in the eyes and faces many types of problems. If it is not controlled in time, this problem can be serious.
20-20-20 Rules: If you look up to mobile hours, know the rule of 1-2
Other tips
  • Screen time should be reduced. Keep your eyes on the occasion. The use of mobile phones or laptops should be avoided in the dark. Wherever you work, be aware that there is a good light.
  • Glasses should be used when working on a laptop and apply anti -glare lunches.
  • At bedtime, add the Idrop directed by a doctor regularly.
  • When itching in the eyes, add water to the eyes, not scratching the eyes.
  • Include the routine diet in fruit, green vegetables, nuts, nuts, etc. 20-20-20 Rules
Bluelight Filter: Natural Warm Colors for Eye Protection
Do you often find yourself staring at your phone or tablet screen for long hours? Do you suffer from eye strain or headaches after using your device for a while? Bluelight Filter is the perfect solution for you. Our app is designed to reduce the harmful effects of blue light emitted by electronic devices, while providing a natural and warm color tone for a more comfortable viewing experience.
20-20-20 Rules: If you look up to mobile hours, know the rule of 1-2
Bluelight Filter is a free app that allows you to easily adjust the color temperature of your screen with a variety of filters. You can choose from seven different colors to best suit your needs. The basic functions of the app are available for free, and you can also add a screen filter to your notification area, lock screen, and navigation bar for added convenience.

One of the most unique features of Bluelight Filter is its automatic mode, which adjusts the color temperature of your screen based on the surrounding lighting conditions. With this feature, you no longer need to manually adjust the screen color every time you move to a different environment.

In addition, Bluelight Filter also comes with a schedule mode that allows you to set up automatic screen color and brightness adjustments based on specific times of the day. This means that you can ensure your screen is optimized for maximum comfort and eye protection all day long.

The app's notification area shortcut provides quick access to various operations, and you can select from a variety of different types of shortcuts to customize your experience. The home screen shortcut also allows you to easily access the app's features with just a tap.
20-20-20 Rules: If you look up to mobile hours, know the rule of 1-2
Bluelight Filter is incredibly easy to use with its simple and intuitive interface. You can quickly adjust your screen color with the quick settings window, and the screen filter does not interfere with your ability to take screenshots.

Unlike other screen filter apps, Bluelight Filter does not use unnecessary processing power, which means that your device's battery lasts longer. This app is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at electronic screens.

Protect your eyes and enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience with Bluelight Filter. Download the app today and experience the benefits of natural warm colors for eye protection.

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* This app must have the accessibility permission to apply screen filters.
This app adjusts the brightness and color of the screen to prevent eye fatigue. It is designed to help people with eye conditions.
The app will not use this permission for any other reason than mentioned above.