Tech Tips: Your Smartphone Second Hand is a Second Hand to make sure this steps Follow these steps. 
Companies buy old smartphone, the IMEI number information sells it in the market again the phone brand new that the phone is brand new to the phone brand new that it is known that the Festive C Due to the compatience, e-commerce companies are selling a smartphone at a cheap price. Many companies are selling the phone in half a price. Such a smartphone has produced several questions in mind when the prevalence of a long time. Many companies buy old smartphones are selling it again. This type of phone is called refreshed. The phone's body is to be changed, so it gives New Look. The country model is a big market market. So it is necessary that you make sure that the brand new that you have bought a smartphone in the cheapest price. This 3 way is a smartphone genuine that fake it can be known

1. Check with the text message 

can ask the Department of Telecommunications about the phone you do to SMS. For that you will have to send the Department IMEI number. This steps for the message, dial * # 06 # for the phone's IMEI number or go to the phone's setting and click on the phone. Here you will see the IMEI number of 15 digits of the phone, note it. If your smartphone is a Dual SIM, the IMEI number will be seen if both. Now type the phone's IMEI number by providing space after KYM, sand it on 14422. After having a message sand, you will receive a manufacture, support band, model related information. Detail the message and Verify your phone's datail. 

આ સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

2. Market from App You can also learn using AP that your smartphone brand is new that refurbished. For that you have to be KYM - Know Your MOBILE App Install from the Google Play Store. This name will be seen by many apps, but you have to install the App Developed by CDOT. After the App Install, the Staps Follow the App for the first time, if it will ask for some paramissions. 


The iPhone interface will be the option to submit the IMEI number, the scanner will be given next to it. You use the scanner or click on the SIM icon below. Click on SIM icons, the name of the phone's manufacturer, support band, brand and model related information will be shawned. Verify your phone's detail on the screen. 3. Verify with the website is the phone genuine that you can also use the website to verify that fake. You will learn other information including the phone's brand, RAM, model from the phone's datal from the phone's IMEI number. Follow these staps on the website first to go to the website named Click on the IMEI submission option below here. Submit the IMEI number. Now the Detail of the phone will be seen as clicking the check button. Compare the detail of the website and your phone's detail.