WhatsApp New Feature:
‘In-App Notification’ feature launched to inform users of new features, will notify users as soon as a new update arrives

WhatsApp has once again launched a new feature seeing the need of the users. With the help of this feature, users will get notification of every update that comes in WhatsApp. This means that any new update like in WhatsApp will be known to the users immediately.

According to WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp’s features and updates, the new feature will be called an in-app notification. With its help, the user will be able to know about every announcement coming on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s update is currently known on her blog, but not everyone sees it. Because of this many users can no longer update. However, after the in-app notification, every user will know about the new update and its features immediately.

WhatsApp’s new terms human need
In the new year, every user has to follow the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. If the user does not accept it, his account may be deleted. WhatsApp will apply its terms of service from February 8, 2021. It states that if the WhatsApp service is not approved, your account may be deleted.
The website WABetaInfo, which tracks WhatsApp’s features and updates, shared a screenshot. According to the screenshot, the new terms clearly state that a user can delete an account if they do not agree to the company’s terms.