25 if the head is counted, and 90 if the feet are counted. So there will be sheep and how many hens
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25 if the head is counted, and 90 if the feet are counted.  So there will be sheep and how many hens
20 Gheta , 5 Marghi
20 Gheta + 5 Marghi = 30 Matha 
20*4 = 80 Pag, 5*2= 10 pag
80+ 10 = 90 Pag.

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Sep 20, 2021 Version 4.7.0
- Performance and stability improvements

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I use this app a lot and it took about a year for me to decide to pay to remove adsbecause the was a bit pricey and I assumed I would still have to watch ads for a “second chance” feature and the “auto fill” feature (optional features that have you watch an ad in full to use) as in other apps I have. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I no longer have any ads ever. Well worth the price and I wish I had decided to do it sooner. I also love the events, badges, and trophy systems!

I love the events and the artwork that appears on the event page, it would be cool if during the event there was a setting to have that art appear on the actual puzzle screen so we could enjoy it more since not much time is spent where we select the next event puzzle. It would also be cool if, along with the completion trophies/badges, we could then unlock that background to use in general. Just some thoughts, I like art and feel like a lot of effort goes into those event screens that may be under appreciated.