WhatsApp users are sharing a purported link of Tata Group with the claim that the company is giving a free car to lucky winners on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. The message urges users to click on the link to participate in the event and win a car.

In today’s post, we will see about Viral Tata Group 150th Anniversary Gift Link, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you have questions about it, such as what is Tata Group 150th Anniversary Gift Link?, Is Tata Group 150th Anniversary Gift Campaign is run by Tata itself?, Is Tata 150th Anniversary Celebration Gift Link is real or fake?, Tata Anniversary Free Gift Link is safe or not?, How does Tata 150th Anniversary Gift Link Works? and many more others.
Tata Groups 150th Anniversary Celebration Link Reality | Link Check Real Ya Fake?
About Tata Groups 150th Anniversary Gift Link:
A fake Whats App message has gone viral, which promising to offer free gifts to some random users.
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The message says “Through the questionnaire, you have a chance to get Tata Nexon EV, All you have to do – is to complete the survey and guess which box is containing the gift!, You can try up to 3 times”

There is a timer set to create an urgency to open the gift box that has reward.

On completing the survey, users have to open boxes to claim the free gift. Once you “win” the gift, it asks you to share the message to five Whats App groups or 20 friends.
They claim that you can win fantastic prize after completing the survey and tasks.

Tata Groups Anniversary Gift Link Real or Fake:
According to our cyber experts, this link contains a virus and can be a scam where fraudsters could be looking for your money, personal data or other details.

When we check the address of the link. We found it is not from the original Tata website. The link mentioned in message is jtna.org.

Hackers can even use it to install a malware or virus on your phone or computer. If you receive the message from an unknown number, report it as a scam to Whats App and block it.
Tata Groups 150th Anniversary Celebration Link Reality | Link Check Real Ya Fake?
Fact Check:
The message is a hoax. Tata Group is not offering a car.
The viral link leads to an unrecognized webpage that neither has the Tata Group's logo nor does it redirect to the main page. The questionnaire follows the pattern of a scam setup that has quite often been observed in such inauthentic links.

After answering the questions, the user is asked to select a gift box. It should be noted that NewsMeter conducted several trials and has noticed that at every trial a winner is selected at the second try. This indicates that not only is the link fake as everyone wins every time but apart from this, the webpage also stores the user's IP address, which clearly is a means of data theft and security breach.

Tata Group has also clarified and dismissed this viral link on Twitter and said, "Tata Group or its companies are not responsible for this promotional activity. Please do not click on the link and/or forward it to others."

People are advised to refrain from clicking on such suspicious links and entering their personal details on such websites as it could lead to data theft.

It is clear that the link is a hoax.