Cardy: The Fastest Way To Speak English App
Daily English Training with Cardy.The best way to learn English is to train a little bit every day. Cardy helps you do that with daily updates of customized, accessible, and effective learning materials.By studying English every day with Cardy, you are creating a habit. Consistency and self-discipline are key to building this habit. It may be difficult at the start but it will get easier and become something you just do without too much thought.
Cardy: The Fastest Way To Speak English App
Optimized English training course for you updated daily.
Easily fit English learning into your busy schedule with 1,000+ lessons that take only 10-15 minutes to complete.

12,000+ vivid videos with English subtitles help your English learning journey.

Cardy’s AI coach will stick by your side until you develop natural English communication skill.

Find English topics for work, phone, everyday life, and much more.

Cardy's speech recognition technology helps you sound like an English speaker.

Don’t need to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned. A scientific method of learning never lets you forget.

Download the Cardy now and start your journey towards perfect communication in English today!
English learning app: Only the essentials without wasting time.

Learn Real English with Cardy App
Cardy provides customized, accessible, and effective learning experiences for you. 
You just have to show up. With Cardy, Doors begin to open

If you study 15 minutes a day with Cardy
1 month = Can speak 177 sentences that English speakers use!
3 months = Can watch Hollywood Films without subtitle!
12 months = Can understand graduate school lectures without dictionary!

Spoken English in 10 days is an application, specially made for the people who want to learn spoken english. We have tried to put lots of examples in this app. All you have to do is practice more and more with those examples. In this application we have discussed different parts of grammar. Each section has lots of examples with understandings of the very basic concepts.
This application will help users to read and write basic english to advanced english, speak in english fluently, learn grammar perfectly. Users will learn around 250 types of real life conversation from this application.